“On idAction Mobile, someone was telling me that he was going through a difficult phase. He was walking in the street when he saw a young girl stumbling and getting back on her feet every time. He watched the young girl and said: 'If she is capable of stumbling and getting back on her feet at that age, then I will be capable too.' These are small experiences but they are packed with emotion.”

– Nina Bouchard, volunteer

Do you want to engage yourself for a cause you care? Get involved and become an actor of change!

We're looking for people who can help with photography, video, graphic design, translation, event management, administrative support, and more... All your ideas are also welcome! It is important for us to work with you depending of your skills and what you really want to do.


It’s easy: fill in the form below. For some IT reasons, the form only exists in French but everyone is welcome. If you don’t speak French, please get in touch with our team :

Geneviève Morais, project and volunteer manager 
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The volunteers have become, over the years, essential to the life of our organization. Their pride, enthusiasm and multiple talents are as surprising as they are invaluable.
- François-Xavier Michaux, Co-founder and Executive Co-Director

3,219 volunteer hours in 2018

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Lettre ouverte rédigée par un groupe de femme de l'Auberge Madeleine s'adressant aux élu.e.s.

"Je suis un autre exemple des limites du système de justice en matière de violences sexuelles."- Annick Charette

Aujourd'hui, nous prenons...

par Maude Blanchet Léger


Le lundi 28 septembre, nous avions une sortie en van avec Valérie et Janie, deux de nos médiatrices. La plan était d’...

Aujourd’hui, je prends la parole, consciente de ma positionnalité dans le milieu. Je prends la parole en tant que femme blanche, travaillant dans...